Paint inspection and supervision

Our FROSIO accredited coating inspector provides the following services:

A. Supervision of paint job

  1. Report on the findings, progress, quality, condition of work, workmanship etc. The daily report consists of the progress, ambient conditions and quality of work. The final report consists of the compilation of all the daily reports and a review of the job done. For exceptional emergency cases, an immediate report will be done verbally.
  2. Advise on technical matters reference to type of paint used and paint job done.
  3. Monitor and control the job elements in order to ensure good quality of job done.
  4. Testing and checking method.

B. Work description by work progress

  1. Check on the job specifications and scope.
  2. Steel preparation. Carry out visual check in accordance with ISO8501. Criteria design, material, dust, welding seam (spatter, slag, undercut, pores). Cutting (sharp edge), existing paint condition.
  3. Surface preparation. Check the tool and work material. Air pressure, air and abrasive contaminants, and blast material. Surface preparation to sample plate. Carry out visual check in accordance with ISO8501 – 8503. Carry out test as follows: Visual check with ISO comparator (Photograph) ISO8501-1. ISO comparator (ISO8503) and microscope. Measure roughness (Ry5). Test and detect oil, dust and water soluble substance contaminants.
  4. Application of paint. Check the tool’s nozzle size and pressure. Check the paint material. Shelf time, pot life time, mixing ratio, mixing method etc. Check ambient condition. Check film thickness. Check defect of paint application and advise repair work. Check application on sample plate.
  5. Final inspection and destructive test. Check final condition. Destructive test on sample plate.

C. Test method

  1. Testing will be performed according to ISO standards.
  2. The test will be carried out at designated sample location and sample plate.
  3. Depending on the scale of work, workers might be required to assist with the test arrangements.

D. Evaluation of condition

  1. Carry out evaluation of condition based on IACS evaluation method and report.

E. Period of contract

  1. Flexibility of daily or monthly basis