About Us

Our company is specialized in the tanker cleaning business, and has accumulated more than 30 years of experience in this industry. Thanks to the strong support from our valued customers, we have diversified to a wider range of marine businesses such as insulation job, painting job and inspection, LPG cooldown, hydraulic deck machinery, supplying of spare parts, shipyard agency, manufacturer, and service provider. We strongly believe and confident that our project management system is able to conform to our customers’ stringent requirements and expectations.

Over the years, we built our system based on a few key core values as follow:

  • Quality work service;
  • Value for money services at competitive prices;
  • Timely delivery of completed services; and
  • Continuous improvement with the main focus being customer satisfaction.

Our strengths also include in having our own workforce, training site, equipment, logistics and transportation facilities. In terms of coordination, we are able to operate effectively and efficiently, and always in control of all of our projects.